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Called to:

  • Fulfill the command of Jesus to announce His Kingdom,  heal the sick and deliver the oppressed;
  • Train followers of Jesus in compassionate and effective healing prayer for those in need;
  • Develop and maintain a dynamic ministry of healing prayer;
  • Encourage hope and bring healing of body, mind and spirit through the integration of accredited medical and psycho-therapeutic practice and Christian spiritual care. 









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Christian Healing Associates (CHA) affirms the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God and fully embraces the doctrines and traditions of Christian faith as stated in the Nicene and Apostleís Creeds; one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It accepts the call of Jesus to love others as oneís self, to announce Godís Kingdom and to bring wholeness and healing to each person. It upholds the sanctity of life from the time of conception and of marriage and the family based on the committed relationship of a man and a woman as set out in Holy Scripture. Christian Healing Associates affirms the value of the work of accredited Christian health care professionals as being vested with God-given skills that can be fully integrated with the ministry of Christian healing prayer as modeled by Jesus.

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